Ahem, ahem… Hi.

Since this is my first post, I thought I’d make it an introduction of sorts. So… ‘ello there. I am so excited for this blog. I pretty much adore Heather and Crystal and the tangle of faith and writing. It’s one of my very favorite topics–probably because I still have so many questions about the whole thaing.  I’m still wrestling with how to write honestly and follow Christ honestly and a whole-lot-of-other-stuff honestly.

But I think this blog is a good step. I hope to treat you, dear reader, with respect by writing from the deep places instead of the safe places. It’s a little daunting for me, not going to lie. I place high value on being nice, polite, and generally put together. Conversely, I’m drawn to stories with characters that are anything but. There is a deep part of me that longs to admit the messiness of life and my place in that mess. I hope to do that here… with the fabulous and incomparable Heather and Crystal Lou.

These girls inspire me like few do. We meet once a month at Starbucks and at the end of our sessions I am basically ecstatic about life. Probably because I’ve ingested an entire chai latte. Definitely because I’ve talked to two of the most courageous women I know. So, I pray this blog would be an extension of the conversations that happen around our table. Let the conversing begin!

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4 thoughts on “Ahem, ahem… Hi.

  1. Can’t wait to hear more from you girls…

  2. Lorraine Reep on said:

    Looklng forward to all following – and discovering along the way. Much love to you all.

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