Become Like a Child…Again

As I continue diving into my revived creative self, it has been brought to my attention—over and over—that in order to do that, I must  become like a child once again. Who is more creative than a child?  Weren’t we all children once? Therefore, we are all naturally creative.  It’s only when (either as a child still or a growing adolescent) we are faced with cynics, negativity, fear or apathy, then we become vulnerable to doubting our creativity and eventually telling ourselves that we are not creative. Unfortunately, this happens to many people, which is sad. To cheer us all up, I must tell you what I’ve discovered: We are still creative, no matter what anyone has ever told you. Disregard the insidious lies you’ve heard in your own mind.

As the mother of a little boy almost two years of age, I can personally  attest to the fact that little children have much to teach adults. So  many days as I grip his sweet little hand, briskly walking to the car to go to church or another outing, thinking about how I don’t want to be  late, I look at him. I mean really take him in. He’s not worried about  arriving on time or what yet is to come. Naturally, he adores the  outdoors—Creation from the Great Creator—and is fully intrigued with the present. His bright hazel eyes scan from the clear sky to the lush  green lawns. I stop and smile, thanking my Creator for showing me  exactly what I need to make time for in this life, through the eyes of  my only son.

So, how do we become more like children? If we slow  down a bit, admire nature and the wonders around us, then that is a  great start. Let’s try to observe our own children and others we come  into contact with this week. As we watch, we are sure to catch a glimmer of hope and His truth, which our souls wordlessly cry out for so desperately.

Furthermore, instead of thinking about how we can be responsible and how we can  accomplish more tasks each week, let’s focus on how we can become more  childlike. For me, I am starting to seriously brainstorm ways to  exercise childlike faith—faiths in others, faith in art, faith in  process, faith in God—and start making this way of life a habit for  good.


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3 thoughts on “Become Like a Child…Again

  1. sammiebennett on said:

    Ah, Crystal Lou, I LOVE this. Children so naturally enjoy life. I’ve lost that somewhere along the line, and I want it back. Thanks for this, chica!

  2. Heather Ostalkiewicz on said:

    Thanks for writing this! Honestly I find I get embarrassed by my childlike impulses so I try to suppress them so I look more ‘refined’. Your post reminds me to let myself be me

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