I think art can come from past, present, and future. I have written from all three, but the least from Present. This is a place that sometimes feels so far, like an isle on the distant side of everyday living. And yet I want to go there. I want to bring a comfy chair, a hot chai latte, a journal, and plenty of pens–the kind that move really, really fast. And I want to write from Present. So here is an attempt…

“I think of you now, how you are this very moment, instead of how you will be in a couple of months–walking and talking and claiming your little plot in our family. I think of you now, and I see your crazy hair and the ways your eyes bend down in the corners, stretching, just like your dad’s. I see your pinkish skin and how your two teeth stick up from your bottom gum, and I realize that teeth cab be “cute.” You are splashing in the bath water and excited breathing and blowing out your food and pushing your bottle away. Even though you can’t speak yet, you are playing with “no.” Rolling it around and seeing how it feels to you.

“So much has changed since you came home with us, and I worried over your weight, counting the ounces, praying your skin would soon stretch over baby rolls. Now, you are warm and plump and my baby girl, and I want you to know that I love you now. As you are right now.”

Phew. That’s what I just spilled on to paper, and I still shifted into the past and future some. But I did spend some time in Present, and I’m pretty thrilled about that. So, here’s my question to you: Do you write from past, present, or future most often? Which is the hardest for you?


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8 thoughts on “Presently

  1. Crystal Gettings on said:

    Thank you, Sammie! Thank you for reminding me to keep the power of the present. Your journey in motherhood is a joy to behold.

  2. kelley on said:

    Hey gals! All 3 of ur recent blogs seem to tie together for me; not necessarily relating even to writing. But they all remind me how important it is to slow down, to take in the present, and to not fret over the daily things that get us down. Does that all flow together for anyone else? Did you guys plan that?
    For me, in the present, it means focusing on my boys and what’s important for them. At least until i go back to work. But that will still be my priority, and i know I’ll have to remind myself to slow down then too. Thank you all.

    • Crystal Gettings on said:

      Thanks Kelley! We wanted this blog to more than just about writing–it is a way of life to feel the pull, the struggle of becoming more fully whole by creating (art/other) and sensing His voice. I think we are all learning how to be more fully in the present, and I’m super glad Sammie chose to blog about the topic.

      Personally, I am learning again about the balance of work and my family (my son). It is difficult to work, pursue my passions and everything else. But, I’m in it for the journey!

    • sammiebennett on said:

      Kelley Lou!!!! First off, I miss you terribly and need to meet your Jacob as soon as The Cold has left our casa. Second off, thank you so much for visiting us here! And I love how you pointed out that the topics all flow together. We didn’t plan that, but I think we’re all learning about similar stuff at the moment. I love hearing what “in the present” means to you, and I love your perspective. It’s so hard for me to live this way with Charlie, but I really want too. Love the line you said about slowing down too. Love you, chica!

  3. I like your pondering question Sammie. I try to write from the present which is where I am usually at at the moment. Quite often it may lead to the past and memories are stirred up. Julie Cameron in her book Right to Write always tells us to start out writing right from where you are, and that gives me a lot to write about!

    I was drawn to your blog from Jeff Goin’s site because your description of yourself reminded me of me! A frazzled writer, recovering people pleaser and impassioned dreamer. Love it.

    Shari 🙂

    • sammiebennett on said:

      Well hello, Ms. Shari, and thank you so much for visiting us here! Glad you connected with my profile description–that is very much where I’m at and glad you could relate. I haven’t read Cameron’s book but now I definitely want to check it out. I love the idea of starting in the Present and then just letting go to see where you end up. 🙂

  4. Sammie that was amazing! And now that you’ve called it to my attention, no I don’t write from present. I barely live present, like I’m too scared to really be Here. God tells us not to be afraid, not to worry, His burden is light, He will provide. And if I lived my life by those promises I could be more present. So ya, one more thing I really would like to be aware of in my life!

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