A Letter from my 80-Year-Old Self

Just so you know, I wrote this as a prompt today after reading an exercise from Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write book. Thanks to Sammie and Heather, I am now a writing prompt lover. Here is my letter to myself:

Dear Crystal,

You don’t yet realize what divine power has been placed within you. God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit—all terms and an image you’ve been taught your whole life; realize who the Creator truly is and not man’s idea of Him—what religion has molded His likeness to be.

Get in touch with your inner child. She will whisper truths you need to hear so you won’t be afraid to dance boldly, not caring who is staring and wondering, “Who does she think she is?” When you are dancing and experiencing what freedom truly is, then and only then, will you relay an impact closer to what was meant for you. It’s fun some days. Other days are hard, but at least you will be truthfully feeling, not holding back as you once did, and instead, letting loose all the world’s chains—especially the religious ones. Those often are the heaviest and you aren’t even sure how they all got there.

Don’t feel selfish. You have a pure and compassionate, fully loving heart. You must give yourself permission to be still to write; to learn; to grow; to manifest the right change in your life. And it’s yours—no one else’s. When you look back over your life, what do you want to say? “Wow, I gave it my all, utilizing my passions, interests and gifts to facilitate my change, thus affecting the shift of change within others around me” or “I wish I had…” It’s your choice. Choose life. Choose risk. Choose love. Choose sacrifice. Choose empathy.

You started asking for a “deeper passion” the other weekend and you don’t yet realize that it is happening now. Right now. He heard you. He always hears you. No need to think twice about that, wondering if you should pray harder or more often. He sees your inner beliefs for what they are—the untainted version, not twisted by others’ perceptions. He knows how you’ve pushed the lies away from your mind, through His grace, and smashed them, now absent from your heart.

While you struggle, be forever thankful. He has given you full life and knows your gratefulness for even the little things. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t carry the burdens of others. He will do that for you. Continue to write. Keep pushing yourself. You are capable of greatness in His eyes, never pressured for performance, yet always welcoming fresh inspiration and growth. Forget what the world says—it’s a lie. Don’t try to convince others. Just live it out, always giving, offering vulnerability and love, just as He did.

Make time to do the nice things for those you care about though. You may regret not doing it later. Stop your busyness to enjoy the fleeting moments. They add up fast. Don’t worry about what everyone thinks. It’s what He thinks of you that really matters.

Much love and compassion,

Crystal, (80-years-old)


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One thought on “A Letter from my 80-Year-Old Self

  1. sammiebennett on said:

    Love this so much, Crystal Lou. Soooooo much freedom tucked into these paragraphs.

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