into the unseen

The last day of August.  Fall will soon be here!  That has nothing to do with my post.  Fall happens to be my favorite time of the year.  Moving on… I was watching So You Think You Can Dance the other night.  I love dance.  I was a dancer until after college.  Now I’m finding myself longing to go back.  You never know when or how an old dream will be woken again…

But something else happened when I was watching.  This one particular couple was dancing to Celine Dion’s I’m Your Lady.  I happen to like this song.  I don’t think it’s a cheesy love song.  Ok, if you feel like laughing at me, get it out now…

So I’m in the moment, watching amazing choreography to a very emotionally charged song.  The couple had connection.  Not all dance partners do.  And it struck me, for this moment to happen someone wrote the lyrics to Celine’s song.  Celine recorded the song and let’s face it, her voice is powerfully unique.  And then the choreographer got inspired and created movement for two people who have worked hard for years on the craft of dance.

All these people, artists, who have worked years on their craft, their work intersected and created a moving moment that really expressed the beauty of love between a man and a woman.  And it’s in moments like those when I’ve felt God speak to me, whether a Christian production or not, He doesn’t care.  He created it all to begin with.

I think art, in all its forms has the ability to carry the voice of God, and often does.  Art is the Creator’s language.  Like the magical sea painting in Narnia Chronicles, art pulls us into the unseen part of our world and at that moment, we can see better than we’ve ever seen.

In that place God speaks, but it also does something else.  It reminds that deep part of ourselves who we used to be, before the fall of mankind.  It gives us hope that heaven does exist.  Have you felt this?

Where do you hear God?  Does He use art to crack open your soul?


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2 thoughts on “into the unseen

  1. Ahhh Heather! yes, He constantly uses art to “crack open my soul” and that is when I feel most alive. I am so thankful to discover this important truth and to know women like you! My life is forever changed.

  2. sammiebennett on said:

    Love this so much, amiga! And I love that you show all the different artists that go into creating that moment. I’m learning that, in combo with others, you can be part of something more beautiful than your work alone. Love you!

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