Breathing Art

I don’t think about breathing all that much. It’s just something that happens. I inhale, exhale, then repeat. I don’t take a lot of ownership in the process. It’s commonplace, assumed. But during the last week, this concept of breathing keeps emerging.

Writing dates with Heather and Crystal. Driving with my husband in the car. Listening to a lesson in Sunday school. I can’t escape the topic, and so I’ve decided to lean into it.

I like the symbolism of breathing–of inhaling something in and sighing something else out. For example, I would love for worry to whistle out of me, only to be replaced by a breathful of divine peace. Yes, I could enjoy such a daily rhythm.

As artists, we need to inhale and exhale constantly. This is the act of creating, after all. We are inspired, inhale, and thus we create, exhale. No wonder such breathing recharges the artist like a gust of wind to sails. We, all of us, were created for breath–and by breath. We breathe. Physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and artistically too. When our creative course sags, it is this breath that sets us true again.

How do you breathe as a fellow creator? (Which is all of us.) What do you inhale and exhale?

Much love,



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One thought on “Breathing Art

  1. Man, I heart this so much Sammie! The same concept has been on my mind too! Ahhh I needed this:)

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