Artist Survival Kit

What is your “artist survival kit”? It can be anything you feel you cannot do without as a creative being (this includes everyone, of course). Or better yet, what is your “human survival kit”? All humans are creative in some way because we are all fashioned by the Great Creator in His image.

As a newfound artist, I cannot be without my emotions. The ability and openness to honestly express myself is vital to my art. Like a rushing river graciously flowing through my core and out to others open to receive, a colorful collage rise and fall—deep purple, tranquil turquoise, vibrant orange, passionate reds and dark black crescendos. My eyes open; my ego shut off as my heart and the “real me” vulnerably dance in front of people I do not know. To fully let go, not care how ridiculous I may look, while telling someone’s story—the good and the bad—brings deep satisfaction and value to my very being. When I let raw emotion pour out, I find joy in expressing an authentic story over and over, making it my own, as if the knowledge was mine in another life. To feel someone else’s triumphs and heartaches is a gift. It not only heals me but the audience as well.

Another tool I cannot be without is writing. To write is to breathe, to sleep, to eat—to savor life. Inner ponderings, experiences, gut reactions and dreams strut onto the page eagerly. Thankfully, my left brain is silenced during these fleeting moments throughout the week. I long to capture “living in the moment” and the thoughtfulness flowing through my sore hands, fingers and worn-out pens. Pushing away all that I want to forget and reaching for the hand of today. The here. The now. My soul’s ears acutely listening and transcribing His lessons and truths. Thankfully, He has prompted me to be aware, giving myself permission to create.

I could go on for pages, but I will end with this: I cannot be without my Creator and all that He offers. Without His guidance, I would not even be open enough to write this. If I had kept myself closed off from His nudging, I wouldn’t be experiencing life; but merely surviving. Human relationships, nature, love, kindness—all things He has given. And I cannot do without them.


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5 thoughts on “Artist Survival Kit

  1. So beautifully said.

  2. Michal Black on said:

    I like this survival kit. I’m so happy to see some of your expressions “on paper.” I always find it easier to express myself through the pen. Sometimes when I’m face to face there is too much collateral to make myself explicitly clear. I’m sitting here waiting for an open chair to have my hair cut. The conversations are invading my privacy. I guess I’m a social mutation. Oh no, now I’m having to watch a young son and his dad eat glazed doughnuts……. Ouch! I need my survival kit!

  3. sammiebennett on said:

    Love this so very much, amiga. I especially like how you begin by stating that all of us are creative in some way. This is so, so true. Now that I’m looking, I can see this spark in so many. Love you, my dear!

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