rogue shopping lists

What’s really important?  Writing down the idea God keeps pressing in my mind?  Or…

Look at that pile of laundry.  Why didn’t I finish it Saturday when I had the chance.  Grocery shopping.  Don’t forget to make the food list before I go.  Pick up the kid from school.  Don’t forget to smile at the neighbors like life is peachy.  The garage is an absolute mess.  I can’t even think about the state of the bathroom at the moment.  What am I making for dinner?  Ugh, I hate last minute planning, I need to come up with a better system.  I’m exhausted. I haven’t done my writing.  I promised myself I would today.  It’s 10 o’clock and my brain has stopped moving.  I failed.  This just isn’t how I thought it would all turn out.  I’m the mouse who turned the house upside-down over a cookie.

“God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.”  [2 Timothy 1:7]  A sound mind.  God knows I think a sound mind is worth more than money or time.  I’m praying for a sound mind, but I’m also praying for eyes that can see what is important even in the midst of the ‘everyday’.  And I’m praying that the core of my soul will be at peace in the midst of ‘everyday’.

The work God has entrusted me with may end up saving someone’s life and quite frankly, a few dishes on the counter (i.e. Mt. Kilimanjaro) might not actually be as important as I first thought.  What’s going to last after I die?  Will people remark for ages over my God-like cleaning skills?  Or could it be possible that they will talk about the book I wrote, the article, the blog that changed the course of their lives…the very article that almost got derailed by a rogue grocery list.

What has God called you to do?  Are you finding it difficult to stay on track?  How do you stay focused?


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5 thoughts on “rogue shopping lists

  1. He has called me to write a book. A book that will encourage people and help people out of sin.. I have written three pages of this book and get distracted by everything. Thank you for this blog. I needed to hear it. Next time I ask myself…”What am I doing today?” ….It’s going to start with working on my book. Be blessed and know your words change lives =) No pressure lol

    • sammiebennett on said:

      Thank you so much for visiting, Ms. Brandi! That is absolutely fantastic that you’re going to pen a book. Write on!

    • I will second Sammie’s note and say that is totally awesome, Brandi! As long as you believe you can do it through God’s amazing power, then you will surely succeed. In my experience, victory starts in the mind, then we take action confirming–thanking Him all the way–it & the Lord blesses it. You can do it! One day, one baby step at a time!

  2. sammiebennett on said:

    Heather Lou, I love this so very, very much. (And the title is completely awesome.) Great way to switch perspectives and look at things differently. In answer to your questions, a book-related thing God has called me to do is this whole indie publishing thing. And, uh, YES I can find it difficult to stay on track. I stay focused mostly via Bible time, journaling, different kinds of books that inspire different thinking, and hanging out with talented writers (insert your name here) over chai latte. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for this, Heather! It hit me when you said “I failed” b/c that is what I believed for so long each day. Placing too much importance on those things can definitely make us feel that way and we believe it! You are such a huge blessing! Thanks for your honesty and sweet spirit.

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