The Little Bits

I am a big-picture gal. All those details that make up that picture? Well, those are a wee bit more blurry to my mind’s eye than the end-game creation. In fact, the small, daily steps along the way can often feel mundane and ordinary and just straight-up boring.

Give me work that is adventure and color and depth and all that is big and beautiful, and well, I feel purposeful. I feel joyful. Mostly, I feel recognized, and for many, many years I have lived for such recognition. But this is a cycle that never quite ends–because you’ve never quite earned enough–and my do your legs ache from all that circular running.

I am learning that God is adventure and color and depth. And He is most certainly big and more beautiful than my human mind can swallow. So, in theory, a day lived with Him, however seemingly ordinary, is far from mundane. A day with Him is purposeful. Joyful. And isn’t that the elusive prize? Joy. In the midst of ordinary. And busyness. And pain and sorrow and shadows. Joy.

God is teaching me this in my art. That He can infuse the joy I crave into the grunt, detail work of actually making art. Because that’s the thing: creating is work. And, for me, it’s all the little bits, the daily bits, of this work that tug at my joy. And then I’m drained.

But I am understanding what it looks like to work alongside the One. To roll up my sleeves, look over, and see His rolled up too. This is so beautiful and so, so much to grasp. I’m still working on that. But there is joy in that kind of work too.

What about you? How do you feel about the little bits of work involved in creating? How do you stay inspired?


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3 thoughts on “The Little Bits

  1. ahh how I understand this now, Sammie. I love this: ” I am learning that God is adventure and color and depth. And He is most certainly big and more beautiful than my human mind can swallow.” I think the bits of work can be frustrating, but taking breathers to enjoy nature, enjoy a nice meal, and so on can be better cherished when taking on the hard work of creating. The joy you talk about can certainly be there as long as we are thankful…thankful that we can do it. Thankful that He has given us the freedom of choice, and so much more. Love you amiga!

    • sammiebennett on said:

      I love that you pointed out gratitude! I’m realizing how little I have of this in my life, really, and how much that affects my days. It is so challenging for me to stop and thank. But so, so good. Love you, Crystal Lou, and love your encouraging/motivating self. Cue song start here.

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