the art of living full

Stillness.  To be instead of do.  I was sitting on my couch in the room where the sun comes in the mornings.  My tender back still raw from vertebras moving in wrong directions.  When my back gives me trouble it usually has to do with inner turmoil.  So I’m sitting, tears coming because I stopped for 30 seconds and let myself feel instead of sucking it up.  Problem was this annoying emotional time was taking up my carefully carved out artist time.  Which was making my back hurt even worse.  Heather you’re failing ran ‘round in my head so many times it turned into a catchy little tune.  So as I’m pouring out my problems to God, he tells me to slow down.  And then he says because I am moving so fast I can’t see.

I need to be able to see as an artist.  We artist rely heavily on our senses, and all my panic, my rushings, deaden the senses I need to be an artist, to be a wife, a God-lover, and a compassionate human being.  Being an artist for me is an outflow of my experiences as a human.  But if I’m not experiencing, what do have to work with?  Nothing.

The thought of slowing down makes my hands shake.  To literally just be in a moment feels nearly impossible.  It’s like I have adult ADHD and I can’t remember or focus long enough to really be human.

Breathe.  Deeply.


Be where you are and nowhere else.


Breathe in.

Speak with God.  He listens.  And he talks back.


Feel free to remind me to be in moment if you see me.  God said he came so that we may have life to the full.  Hectic craziness isn’t living.  As always I’d love to hear from you!!


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4 thoughts on “the art of living full

  1. So awesome, Heather! Yes, I have been thinking a lot about living in the moment & making sure I am “filling the artist well”, instead of constantly taking from it. It seems like “normal life” to most people is “taking”, constantly going and going, not properly filling up our souls and senses so we can be His vessels…for art, for truth, for life. It does have to be conscious. It does not happen naturally whatsoever.

    I must say that the Boundaries book was a great start for me to think about how much I was doing out of the wrong motivations (for recognition, out of fear or expectation of others, etc.) and these books by Julia Cameron on the artistic process/life have been soooo helpful. Discovering my artist identity has truly helped me be kinder to myself. We must treat ourselves like little children sometimes…the artist is fragile, vulnerable yet a pillar of courage and strength. We must fill the well and keep on keeping on!!!

  2. Thanks for reminding me to be still in the moment! God wants to meet with us in the stillness of the hour.

  3. It’s a crazy journey being human. Makes me so incredibly thankful to have such amazing Christians and friends around me!

  4. sammiebennett on said:

    “We artist rely heavily on our senses, and all my panic, my rushings, deaden the senses I need to be an artist, to be a wife, a God-lover, and a compassionate human being.” Oh man, Heather Lou, this is golden. I deadened my senses all week until last night, and my-oh-my it was so hard but so good on the other side. Love you so and thanks for sharing this delightfulness.

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