So That’s New

I’m not a fan of learning new things. (Nor am I fan of admitting that.) But, my-oh-my, am I in a season brimming with new-ness. See, I am independently publishing my first novel, Penumbra, on December 21st. Which basically means my friend Joy and I are starting a small press as our vehicle into the world of publishing. And there is so much I have to learn about ALL of this.

I remember so well the day I realized my disdain for the new. I was trying to get (read: manipulate) my husband into doing something I didn’t want to do. He started asking a few questions about my hesitancy, and bam, I had a bit of an ah-ha moment with God. I hate feeling incompetent. The sensation of feeling “less than” is akin to physical pain. So, in a way, learning equaled pain. Isn’t that just delightful?

Thankfully, God is a gentle, kind, and persistent teacher. He is walking alongside me as I learn this indie publishing thaing. I’m creating websites, designing book covers, figuring out contract stuff, all that. I’m feeling woefully imperfect and surprise, surprise, I’m still breathing. It is straight-up miraculous. I haven’t self-combusted or anything.

Beth Moore speaks to this in an amazing article for new writers that I highly recommend reading. She says,“Perfectionism will snuff the flame. Period. Give it up.” Yes, yes, yes!!!

I haven’t quite come to the place where I embrace learning new things, but I don’t shut down at the prospect now. And I’m thankful for that.

What about you, lovely readers? How you do feel about learning the new? How does this perspective affect your art?


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4 thoughts on “So That’s New

  1. Thanks for your honesty, Sammie! I especially like this sentence: “I haven’t self-combusted or anything.” 🙂 Isn’t it funny that we actually feel like that could happen? The truth is that we are stronger than we realize with our Creator’s strength to grab a hold of…and when we believe. I don’t think we can truly grab hold of His strength without first believing that with Him, anything is possible.

    • sammiebennett on said:

      “I don’t think we can truly grab hold of His strength without first believing that with Him, anything is possible.” Yup. So that’s pretty profound. Thank you so much for this, Crystal Lou!

  2. I’m of two minds about change and newness. On the one hand I hate it because it forces me to (A) admit I didn’t have it perfected in the first place and (B) accept the fact that I’m going to be put at an inconvenience in the attempt to perfect it now. On the other hand, I LOVE new things because as a writer these experiences open up whole new realms of possibilities for stories ideas or blog posts. Either way, I have to check my pride at the door. And sometimes humility is harder to swallow than liver & onions!

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