Dragon Slaying, Dream Chasing

Months ago I was elated to find this gem of a blog post titled Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast by Michael Hyatt, an author, speaker, the works. He writes about “slaying your dragons before breakfast” and it cut right through to my core. I thought, “Wow, this successful and eloquent man faces some of the same challenges I do each morning”. Relieved, I made a mental note to pay more attention to my morning “dragons”, committing to mindfulness of overcoming them day by day.

Michael’s blog post shed light on the battle I face each weekday morning. Some days my “dragon” feels purely physical—as if my body were stuck in mud—while other times negative thoughts begin to fold in, threatening to take over my day. That’s when I know I have a choice: to slay my “dragons”, calling them out for what they are, or to break in my weakness, giving in to despondency for the day. I know this may sound a bit dramatic (no surprise there as I recently discovered my long-lost resolve to pursue acting) but it is what I truly face many mornings.

Now that I’ve brought up the subject…what do your “dragons” throw at you each day, each week? Which “dragons” are your primary battles? What is your reaction and plan for overcoming these hurdles?

My main “dragon” tells me that I simply cannot do it all—that I’m not good enough. It flashes my week, my month, my year before me and whispers: “What were you thinking, Crystal? You can’t pull it all off…you’re in over your head…you’re not talented enough…” Taking a deep breath, I continue getting ready for work, sometimes allowing these thoughts to take up space in my brain for a minute or two. Then, I remember that my past life of succumbing to this “dragon” was put to bed. Sweetly I smile, thanking my Creator for bringing this insight to me two years ago. Reading an inspirational paragraph or two, writing a page or uplifting myself with music in the car—these are all small actions that help me transition into my day and continue chiseling away at my dreams. The battle is in our minds.

Maybe mornings aren’t tough for you. Maybe it’s the lonely nights at home or the lethargic afternoons pushing through at work. We are all different and that’s okay.  Actually, it’s more than okay. It is necessary. As artists, we must embrace our imperfections and individuality, reveling in their beauty yet leaning on our Creator for the strength and courage we need to carry on.

Knowing we have a unique purpose that no one else has ever had or ever will really motivates me. Believing that you have been specially equipped with what you need to pursue your calling is imperative to taking real action. When you are on top of that, then the “dragon slaying” isn’t so scary anymore. It is just part of the daily journey, fashioning your character and true self more into what He already created it to be. But we have a part in the story too. (For a great reminder about how we are “coauthors with God”, check out Sammie’s post from earlier this month.)

So, what motivates you to “slay your dragons” and carry on?


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4 thoughts on “Dragon Slaying, Dream Chasing

  1. Crystal, God has given you such insight I am so proud of your writing abilities and the way you describe things puts a real picture in your mind. We are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ! We have to remember to practice the presence of Christ to help those negative thoughts from invading our minds.

  2. sammiebennett on said:

    Ah, Crystal Lou, this is just lovely! You inspire me, girl. I love how aware you are of the “dragons,” and your warrior mentality! Loved this especially. “That’s when I know I have a choice: to slay my “dragons”, calling them out for what they are, or to break in my weakness, giving in to despondency for the day.” In answer to your question, what motivates me most is joy. I want to live a joyful life, and I want to do my part in providing a joyful home for my man, wee one, and myself. If I give into the nasty thinking, then my joy is gone. Zapped. So, the desire for joy is highly motivating!

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