Do You Have a Clear Vision?

crystalDo you visualize your dreams and goals clearly? Do you literally see your “life movie” playing out in your head as you go about your day? Do you allow yourself to day dream, becoming lost in a fantasy world that really doesn’t have to be a fantasy at all? It can be reality.

Whether it is a dream to own a house, start a new career, write a book, perform, make a living from your art—whatever the ultimate dream is, we must first, believe that it is for us, that our Creator desires us to pursue it—bringing more life into our lives—and then see it. If we cannot see the possibilities—the details and nuances of those dreams—then how can we expect any of them to be fulfilled? Believe it and you will see it.

This “clear vision” is very different than sitting around wishing something great would happen. That is passive. Clearly defining and then dreaming about your goals, as you take small steps, is active. The latter path will propel you toward your dream. The first path will move you further away.

Months ago, I began allowing myself to “see” my goals, one level at a time. In the beginning level, I pictured myself in a stage performance before 2012 was up as well as being offered a role in a commercial—both of which came to fruition fairly quickly. Before that, my goals were too vague. I couldn’t picture much. Stuttering over my words, I tried to admit my dreams to friends and family, but they were not clear. And I had not fully acknowledged them to myself. Once I faced my true dreams—my Creator nudging all the way—wrote them down, spoke them aloud and actually believed that I was more than able to fulfill them, then forward movement really began.

I think God waits for us to believe in ourselves, while taking action—that through Him, we are “more than conquerors”; that we can do “all things through Christ which strengthens us”. Then, he says, “Yes, my child. Now you are on your way…”, bringing pieces of our dreams together in a way that we would never have even imagined.

So, what does your “movie” look like? Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? How do you feel? What does this mean to you? How are you making a difference? Trust me, watching your “life movie” can make all the difference…if you first believe.


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4 thoughts on “Do You Have a Clear Vision?

  1. Mike Black on said:

    I’m glad to see you accomplishing your goals young lady. You are truely an amazing young and growing lady. We’re approaching the end of the year and I know you must feel good about this part of your journey. I can’t wait to follow you in the next step. There’s a new spark in my soul from seeing you achieve and dream and dream and achieve. May God continue to talk with you and lead you.
    Love ya,

  2. sammiebennett on said:

    “whatever the ultimate dream is, we must first, believe that it is for us, that our Creator desires us to pursue it—bringing more life into our lives—and then see it.” Crystal, this so beautiful! I’m always so motivated after reading one of your posts. Like, yeah, I can dream! Thanks for writing this, pretty lady.

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