“You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17 (MSG)

Who is the steel in your life, keeping you sharp, pushing you closer towards your art, your dreams, God?  Samantha Bennett reminded me of this Bible verse yesterday.  It’s a simple concept but it holds a lot of weight.  It has the potential to shape or break futures and callings.

I have a few people push me, sharpen me.  They were God-sent.  And if I don’t maintain contact with them, share with them, pray for them and listen to them, I am ignoring one of God’s great gifts.

It is because of people like Samantha and Crystal and many more that I am still pursuing my God-given calling.  They have walked me through difficult times, cheered me on, inspired me with their adventures and loved me.  This is so important for me as an artist and as a person.

God is invested in me, us.  He’s invested in my art.  I want to be intentional about accepting the help he gives me.  So let me ask you again…who is the steel in your life?

You can’t afford to ignore this question.


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4 thoughts on “steel

  1. sammiebennett on said:

    Ah, Heather Lou, I love this and thanks for your kind shout out. You are most certainly one of the steely folks in my life, and I’m so grateful for how much you encourage me along this life/writing adventure. I love you so!

  2. Let me echo Sammie’s comment here! My heart is filled with such joy and warmth reading this. You are a huge inspiration to me, Heather!!!

  3. Heather Ostalkiewicz on said:

    What can I say…I love you girls! God knows what he’s doing!!

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