Time to Celebrate!

crystalIn light of Sammie’s book release for Penumbra (way to go Sammie!!!), I think it is a good time to reflect on what we value and how to celebrate. This will mean different things to different people. For me, celebrating after a stage performance or film wrap is something I want to do, because those projects mean a lot. I value the time and effort put into the opportunity as well as the fact of simply exercising the courage to do it. (This way of thinking is more process and journey-focused than on the outcome or final product. As artists, it is essential to keep a process-based mindset. When we start focusing on product, the creativity train begins to derail.)

What do you celebrate? What means the most to you? Do you allow yourself to celebrate small steps in addition to the larger milestones? Why or why not? Some people are really big on birthdays. Others are not. Some of us highly value each personal accomplishment while others struggle to give themselves permission to do that even when it’s a huge deal. Whatever touches us; whatever we place value on from our very being—how God created us each as a unique individual— is what we need to celebrate.

Each season we experience can further us or possibly tear us down. Celebrating one another and each victory will encourage our actions, supporting the level of belief in ourselves and what God is doing in our lives. It is wise to value and celebrate our originality also. What makes us different? What gifts has our Creator bestowed upon us? Remember, there will never be another you. That is pretty special.

Although, some of us struggle with celebrating. To fully rejoice, we must remove any barriers that would keep us from experiencing the freedom to acknowledge any achievement. For some of us, obstacles may include: devaluing what we do (inside our own heads), absorbing others’ remarks of what success “really is”, ignoring or blocking our achievements overall, keeping ourselves too busy to pause and enjoy this moment and more.

Don’t be scared to acknowledge your identity and which small steps have been climbed. It doesn’t matter if it is important to other people as long as it is meaningful to you. Your Creator cares. It is vital for our self-confidence as artists and human beings to give ourselves the “A-Okay” to enjoy it! I found it easier at first to pretend like I am a child, treating my spirit with utmost care. I wouldn’t want to make a child feel unimportant, right? I wouldn’t want a child to hear me putting down his/her accomplishments, right? So the same can be with our adult spirits. Only think and speak what builds you up.

In the words of Kool and the Gang:

Celebrate good times
Come on! – Let’s celebrate!


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2 thoughts on “Time to Celebrate!

  1. sammiebennett on said:

    Well, I love this, Crystal Lou! And I love the reminder to stop and celebrate! This definitely doesn’t come naturally to me, but oh my is it important. I love the idea of treating ourselves with the gentleness and kindness that we’d employ with a wee one. Love you!

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