taming your white, fluffy dogs

heatherAs a product of living a boundary-less, codependent life for so long, I have found I have some important lifestyle changes to make and oddly enough one of those changes became very apparent in the form of my dogs.  It is time for me to learn how to be their leader.  To learn how to love them while setting healthy limits and giving them what they need and want to truly be happy.  This is healthy for them.  And has surprisingly been incredibly eye opening and healthy for me.

I did not forget that this blog is about art and God…

I’ve wanted boundaries for a long time.  I admired people with boundaries and self-discipline.  They were more productive and happy.  But me and my artist nature seemed to a little to free spirited for this approach.  It wasn’t until literally about 2 weeks ago that I realized exercising boundaries/self-discipline with my art would actually make me more productive and happy.

Thing is, reading about setting boundaries/self-discipline or even watching someone exercise good boundaries/self-discipline does not mean that I will understand or catch on.  It’s not until I begin my own fumbling attempts that I will truly begin to start wrapping my head and heart around what it means to live a self-disciplined/healthy boundary life.

So God, in his infinite wisdom (and sense of humor) decided to use my dogs as a major tool for me to practice with.  It is soooo hard to enforce healthy boundaries with little white fluffy dogs with big brown eyes!  But God and the Dog Whisperer are helping me.  Boundaries and discipline used to sound harsh, boring, painful, and dull to me.  Now, as I practice them, I’m finding that I am actually more free, happy, fulfilled and productive.  Who knew!  I am now making more time for my writing than ever before!

How do the words boundary or discipline make you feel?  Is there an area in your personal or artistic life that is out of control?  Remember your personal and artistic life is closely dependent on each other.  For me, this boundary thing was a last resort.  I started it as an experiment and now I am becoming more determined with each step.  In what area of your life do you need to tame your white, fluffy dogs?

Corbin and Morri

Corbin and Morri

Sources I recommend for boundary/self-discipline help:  Boundaries by Cloud/Townsend, The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan (book or videos), Codependent No More by Melody Beattie


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4 thoughts on “taming your white, fluffy dogs

  1. sammiebennett on said:

    Heather Lou, I love this! What a motivational read! I too am in process when it comes to boundaries and discipline, so thanks for your honesty! In answer to your question, I guess I feel a little boundaryless when it comes to “life organization.” I started an Excel spreadsheet last night, where I list household responsibilities, business type stuff, all that. I never thought of that being connected with boundaries, but it totally is. Thanks for this, love! You’re swell!

  2. Good for you! The journey out of a life of codependency will often find unexpected paths. Keep marching forward!

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