Lack and Plenty

Sammie“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,he refreshes my soul.” Psalm 23:1-3

Aren’t these words beautiful? They feel like a prayer, like a reminder, a plea even. I need to hear these words. They tell me about a shepherd whose very personhood means I lack nothing. Which is crazy. And hard to grasp. And yet really, really relieving.

I often feel like I’m lacking. Finances, experience, knowledge, security. In so many ways, I feel like I don’t have “enough.” And I’m so sick of it, honestly. Because this mindset inevitably leads to fear.

God tells me over and over again not to be afraid. I think He says it so much because He gets my fear. He understands that it’s hard. But He’s showing me that He’s a shepherd like no other. Come, he says. I have everything you need, and it’s all yours. Let me show you green meadows and streams that refresh and don’t overpower. This is all around you, child. Even now. Even though you are new at this kind of seeing.

As artists, we try to see things well in order to translate them via our creations. We hope to capture something of what might otherwise remain unseen. In this way, our art is an act of giving. We pour ourselves out. And there’s a fear that we might, one day, have nothing left to pour.

But this is where God amazes.

We are wells that won’t run dry, because God never does. And because he’s supernaturally fond of us, He’ll give us what we need when we ask him.

I’m brainstorming sequel ideas for Penumbra, and the doubts have crept in. I don’t know enough, have enough… I’m not enough. But then I go to the poem that is so much more than a poem– “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” This is true. This is reality.

Do you ever feel lacking as an artist? Do you worry about not having enough? How do you move forward?


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4 thoughts on “Lack and Plenty

  1. Heather Ostalkiewicz on said:

    Sammie this is so beautiful and such a unique and truthful insight. I needed to hear this. God is my source!!! I feel like I lack in almost everything so much of the time. And then I swing to the opposite corner and think I’ve got it all in control, which never lasts long. When I let God be strong in me I accomplish so much more and feel fullfilled too. I had to laugh when you write that God is supernaturally fond of us. That’s the best way I’ve ever heard anyone describe it:)

    • sammiebennett on said:

      Heather Lou, I just love you so very much. And I feel you with the swinging from one side of the spectrum to the other. I’m pretty skilled at that too. Love you, friend!

  2. Beautiful, Sammie. “In this way, our art is an act of giving. We pour ourselves out.” How true. This passage is one of my faves of course. How many times I have repeated it under my breath for comfort. The doubts, the fears, the everything make us human. And prompt us to lean on His higher power. What a relief!

    • sammiebennett on said:

      Yup, I could repeat this passage super often! And yes, it is an absolute relief. Very much agree. Love you, Crystal Lou!

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