“rebellious refusal to please”


heather“[Literary/commercial fiction] is personal, impassioned, and even downright quirky, yet through its rebellious refusal to please, it paradoxically achieves universal appeal. It panders to no one. It speaks to everyone.”

Writing 21st Century Fiction: High Impact Techniques for Exceptional Storytelling

Donald Maas


No more pleasing the people because I’m afraid of [        ].  No more writing for ratings.

I will write TO God, FOR God.

I will write with excellence.

I will write with dignity.

I will use God-given talent.

I will follow God-given instincts.

I will write what I know.

I will write because there is HOPE.

“That’s the kind of fiction I dream of writing. And you?”     [Patti Hill, Novel Matters]

Hopefully this will be a bit of a New year inspiration to you.  If you aren’t specifically a writer, insert whatever your calling is.  I’d love to hear what you’d like to add to this list!  Post it on a comment below…


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2 thoughts on ““rebellious refusal to please”

  1. This is totally awesome and inspiring, Heather! Cuts to the point. I also love Donald’s quote! Never heard it like that…true. Thank you!

  2. sammiebennett on said:

    Yes!!!! Just a big, big YES. I’m struggling with all of this right now as I brainstorm for a sequel. I don’t want to write to please. I want to write to free. I want to write from the places where God has healed and from the places that still hurt. I want to write honestly and deeply and truly. I want to write unafraid and unhindered by what he/she might think. I want to soar and sing and play. I want to create something that sinks deeper and rises higher.

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