crystalHow does someone with extreme passion and energy make you feel? Here’s an example: If you are like me, you may enjoy the ballad of a soulful singer instead of the “classically trained” or aesthetically-pleasing one.

A while ago, I was listening to my Mom’s satellite radio station while driving her car. Of course, it was “all Elvis—all the time”. Swaying to his sweet voice singing “Peace in the Valley”, it touched me. One of the most iconic figures of all time, Elvis was not the most amazing singer (I know I may get some slack for saying that, but come on, I’m being honest). However, he had amazing passion and energy. With each song he performed, interview, etc., there was no doubt he possessed enormous passion that carried him to high places, touching people’s lives.

In today’s world of entertainment, it is sad to hear much of the mainstream music, as production and image-conscious priorities have taken over in many areas.  Those artists do not reach me. No, the ones who arouse passion in my heart…they are the ones that make me stop in my tracks: Ray LaMontagne, Jonny Lang, Harry Gettings (shameless plug for my hubby) and many more. These are the artists that touch me, prompting my soul to sing.

What brings out passion in you? What makes your soul sing? Can others see it? If you are truly passionate about someone or something, then it is pretty easy to notice. As artists, passion is a necessity. Without it, the well is barren and we are lost. Of course, there will be times when passion may wane and we will see no land at sight. Keep the faith. Continue taking the small steps even when it feels useless. He will guide us when we ask and as we seek.

Here’s to a “passionate Thursday” and rest of the week!

With Passion,

Crystal Gettings


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4 thoughts on “Passion

  1. sammiebennett on said:

    It’s so cool to hear your thoughts on passion, because you truly are one of the most passionate people I know. I agree that the ingredient of passion is super essential in art. When it’s not there, I sense it and something falls flat for me. Love this and you!

  2. Heather Ostalkiewicz on said:

    I second that Sammie. Crystal you are one of the most passionate people I know and every time we talk you really inspire me. Passion is such a simple element that holds so much power. Thank you for this Crystal:)

  3. Thank you ladies so much! I have to echo that for you as well! Passion ignites the fire but we have to have renewed energy & faith to keep us going!

  4. Mike Black on said:

    Very interesting. It’s only right that the play about Christ is called The Passion Play, the source of all passion. I’m glad to see you young ladies all finding your passion in life at a young age to max out your gifts. What a blessing to be witness to this. Thanks.

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