taking a moment to rally

heatherToday, right now, what is the name of your enemy?  The enemy that keeps coming between you and the calling God has given you.

What happens in that impossible moment when you are working so hard and suddenly the [enemy] is behind you.  You run but you can’t keep going.  Something stops you.  Like the Red Sea, it’s miles wide. You can’t cross.  And the [enemy] is coming for you.  You know it’s only a matter of time now.  Panic, fear, despair, anger.

You followed God.  He led you here?  Was this how he meant it to end?  The calling he grafted into your DNA before you were ever born, all for nothing?  But then you remember…

God you haven’t left me.  You haven’t brought me this far for nothing. 

God. Is. With. Me. 

I will trust you.

Fear, you are not my God.  Despair, you are not my God.  Impossibilities, you are not my God.

I know my God.  He freed me from my past.  [Enemy] you don’t own me.  God has brought me this far.  He’s not done with me.  He put this calling inside of me. 

I have faith. 

I will trust you.

What do you do to stay focused on your calling? What do you remember when things begin to look grim?


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One thought on “taking a moment to rally

  1. sammiebennett on said:

    Ah, Heather Lou, I love! Love, love, love!!! So beautiful and warrior-esque! For me, I’d have to fill in that blank with anxiety or, more lately, emotional numbness. Just coasting through my day, staying up at the surface instead of flexing my feeling muscles and diving down deep where the good stuff is. Love you and love this!

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