FREEDOM through and through

IMG_0034I think, in many ways, writing is one the hardest things I could do. Not because I think writing is so inherently difficult. Like any profession, it takes time and sweat. It’s difficult because it’s not just my work, it’s my calling. And as a Christian, calling has deep meaning. God uses callings to save lives.

I find that I quickly dismiss my calling as trite—unnecessary in a life filled with bills, relationships, a sprouting lawn, piling dishes, and such. Words on a page? Flimsy. Enough money to pay for a maid to clean my bathrooms? Priceless.

But those priceless needs/desires I work so hard to satisfy feel cheap and hollow in the twilight of another day passed. I feel that nothing worth much was done, even as my muscles and mind ache from the day. I ignored my calling and I pay the price.

I don’t want to waste more days. But my perspective is often skewed and my strength low. I’ve been scarred by lies, insecurities, fears, and pain. But through a few years of steady deconstruction God has begun to restore me. Joy comes, more often now, in the morning. I’ve tasted freedom and I realize in this freedom I can do so much more. I can become. How long have I wished for this?

“So if the Son sets you free, you are free through and through.” John 8:36 MSG

Freedom, as my pastor reminded me, is a gift. Christ died so that I could be free if I chose it. And with this gift, I must choose to use my calling to bring others to this freedom.

So in the smoking, war-torn chaos of this earth—in this sickening brokenness that too often I try to ignore— I’m one rebel who’s choosing to fight for my calling. I’m tapping out an SOS call to whoever will listen, “Fight to for freedom, for yourself and for the rest of the souls bound here.”

What’s your calling? How can you use your calling to help others? Is something holding you back?


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4 thoughts on “FREEDOM through and through

  1. You have truly found your calling to use the gift God gave you; you write beautifully. Be blessed and joyful!

  2. You are absolutely right girl. And when it all comes down to it this world is about relationships and your calling brings relationships into your life and also connects people. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love ya!

  3. Heather Ostalkiewicz on said:

    Love you too!!

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