walking on water

I reach my fingers out, believing for a moment even though I can’t see, and my fingers feel something that travels like a current of electricity deep into the pit of my heart. Suddenly I remember I am more than just earth’s dust. I am His. And I become the most I can be when I remember this. I hear him say to me, “I have build within you great capacity.” And I have a deep knowing that He is with me and therefore I can, I must, I will, go on.

The following is an excerpt from Walking on Water, by Madeleine L’Engle:

“The impossible still happens to us, often during the work, sometimes when we are so tired that inadvertently we let down all the barriers we have built up. We lose our adult skepticism and become once again children who can walk down their grandmother’s winding stairs without touching…

One afternoon I had a couple of hours to myself, and so I limped to the sea wall and stretched out and closed my eyes and tried to let go all my aches and pains and tiredness, to let go and simply be. And while I was lying there, eased by the cool breezes, the warm sun, bursts of bird song, I heard feet coming to me across the water. It was a sound I recognized, a familiar sound: the feet of Jesus coming towards me.

And then another noise broke in, and I was back in an aching body. But I had heard. For a moment in that hearing I was freed from the dirty devices of this world. I was more than I am. I was healed.

It is one of those impossibilities I believe in; and in believing, my own feet touch the surface of the lake, and I go to meet him, like Peter, walking on water.”

May you bring Him with you today!


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