we have seen a great light

lightIn the swirls of life, pulling me quick and fast—spin, rinse, dry, repeat—who am I when I come stumbling out into the sunshine. I can barely keep my legs under me. But the ground is softer on my knees than I expected. Dark, loamy earth that I feel, strangely, is kin and kindness. He says it is kindness and I believe him because he also rose the warm sun kneading into my back.

Spin, rinse, dry, repeat. I want You, is the first thought in my mind this time when the machine spits me out again and my legs wobble. I am a new creation. The old is washing away, not like feeble ebbing tide. It’s out with a roar.

I’m subversively standing out in the sun today, reminding my cells to revolt alongside me. We are free, we are free, we won’t go back. Stand stock-still in the sun and when the cold dark comes rushing in. Don’t flinch at its evil.

Stand and be. Be with me then and now. Stay with me as the tide rushes out. Discover your solid legs. Press your ear to my heartbeat. Cultivate life.

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light…” Isaiah 9:2


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2 thoughts on “we have seen a great light

  1. Great post! Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Beautiful writing my dear friend. This truly touched me.

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