…while flat on my back

It came one blow at a time—like the seven deadly plagues—until I was driven into complete reliance on the people around me. I was flat on my back, looking up at the ceiling. Basically, last week was bad. Underscored. I wasn’t able to post last week but the time off got me thinking…

Do the words I write have heart? Do they hold raw human qualities? Do they change the pulse of the reader? Because if not, I’m doing everyone a disservice. One of my main tasks as a writer (as it is for everyone) is to keep my eyes riveted on God and let everything else I do flow out of that.

Those words, that come from a place of communion with God will be worth reading. I recently heard someone say that words can change the world. That almost sounds trite. But then I started thinking about books that changed my life. I’ve got a list, one of which is the Bible. It’s constantly changing me for the better.

So my challenge: to ask God to renew my passion for my calling. I want what I do to be deliberate and full of Him. I don’t have time to waste.

What’s your calling? Do you need fresh inspiration? Don’t waste time. Be deliberate with God and your work.


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2 thoughts on “…while flat on my back

  1. This is good! Why flat on your back to begin with?

  2. Heather Ostalkiewicz on said:

    Well it was a deadly combination of food poisoning and a back sprain:)

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