what came of the silence?

I am mute. Silent on the things I hate, a whisper about the things I love. I figured it was best. Years ago I came to believe my silence would save me from them and them from me. Silence was safe. Silence became expected.


And then the Great Creator spoke:

I formed you. You are warm like the patch of light coming through the trees. Hair the dark color of earth. Eyes like the douglas fir. A heart beat bold like mountain peaks. A scent like pines and soft petals. 

I see you. I see the earth. I see the hearts that need. Down to the last detail I created you to be the one in the gap. There is a job only you can do. Like a puzzle piece you are fitted into life, fitted into the Great Story of Love. You are written into this epic.

I felt a rush of sound within my soul. My cold skin warmed with the grace of His words. And in deep gratitude I placed my fingers over my lips, a hand over my heart, and closed my eyes. You make me feel hope, I said. You make me feel alive every time you speak the truth back into my life. I love feeling your pulse. It sets mine back in rhythm. I believe. Help me go, help me speak. Help me be Love.

What is God calling you out of??


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One thought on “what came of the silence?

  1. Mike Black on said:

    Heather, this is masterful! Your heartbeat is ever present in words you pen. You are gifted my friend. Keep it up! I love it.

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