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walking in the fight

“Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work, so that you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.”  [James 1:2-4]

Awake my soul. You are living. You were created, one spinning thread of molecules at a time, by the Great Creator. Awake. You were chosen to live. Your purpose is to bring life. The act of each day is your fight. It is your test. It is the step by step that will harden your muscles and make you ready for the next fight.

Practice living:

Wake. Say good morning over brewing coffee and pull out Bible and pages. Release the unseeing truth. Ingest His always-good, wise, perspective. It is the real truth. It will heal. It will give strength.

Draft the day’s bits and pieces. There is a war to be fought. It will be done one hour at a time.

Shower. My body is yours. I honor you as I honor me. Sit at the desk with a fresh face and a lighted candle. It is my reminder. It is a prayer. Work with built in hard stops for air, for walks, for stretches or strengthening, for prayer. It is the five minutes that will fuel the many hours.


My fight is to live. To do what I was born to do. What I dream of. To use my hands, my head, my heart without letting fear grip me, paralyze me.

What’s your fight? Has God given you the steps to work through the fight?

[This picture will lead you to Ann Voskamp’s Grace Plan. God chose to speak to me about living my life through this. I share it with you. It’s not a must, merely a thought or potentially an inspiration. ]


before the dawn of time


image[This post is inspired by Ann Voskamp’s #TheJesusProject. Click on the picture to discover more.]


Before the dawn of time, C.S. Lewis writes. I feel a comfort knowing that you were there before me, before people and pain and sky and trees. That you stood unshaken in the dark void, dreamed and spoke. Solid words like a great oak door. The words were a part of you, pieces of you. Rock-steady. The words were good and true, just like you. Just like the words you speak today. Their truth, their goodness do not turn void. You spoke, the words hovered beside you, ready for the next command. Ready to do your bidding. They formed mountains and countless souls with immortal dreams.

Thousands upon thousands of words make up your being. All the good words, true, just, noble, kind, gracious, loving words. They are the bread of you. They hold a fraction of your form, but enough to blow my world apart. They are the words I stand on, lean on, hold hard and tight. They are pieces of you and when I feel alone and afraid I speak the words with my thick tongue and challenge my soul to touch each word as it runs by. I speak your words until my soul remembers and I can walk again.

I will hide your words in my heart, so I can walk and not grow faint, run and not grow weary, soar on wings like eagles. With your words I can fix my eyes on you, put on my hands around your face, see only you in the good, good times when I want to run ahead alone, and in the bad, bad times when I think my heart will stop beating. You are my rock and my fortress, my strong Deliverer. I have grafted your words within me and now they make up pieces of me.

What words of the Great Creator do you hold close to your heart?

Well of Thankfulness

So, I have a confession. Well, it’s not that bad. I’ve just been running full steam ahead since the veil on my eyes has been lifted, introducing me to a wondrous world once again. I rediscovered my creativity, writing, acting and so much more. Most importantly, I learned how to distinguish truth from lies.

Somehow, between my job, sweet little boy, hubby, side gigs and friends, it has been working, but it’s been very busy. So much so that I knew a time was coming when I would need to take a step back and gaze at my life through another lens.

The other night I started reading Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, and managed to pretty much weep through all of chapter one. I don’t want to give it away if anyone is thinking about reading it, but let’s just say that being a mom made this first chapter extra hard to swallow. I didn’t feel like crying. I didn’t feel like picturing what she described. But it was a gift in disguise. Her writing—beautiful, poetic—raised up my purest compassion inside. The story seared my soul.

As my tears flowed, so did thankfulness. Thankful to have what I have right now. Grateful to be where I am now. Overwhelmed by the ones I love. Appreciative to be who He fashioned me to be then, now and forever.

So, although my newly found creative self is always raring to go, I am learning to better sense when I need a stronger dose of basic, humanistic thankfulness dipped into my well.

Ann Voskamp on page 17—“I hunger for filling in a world that is starved.”

What have you read, watched, heard, thought or experienced lately that brought true thankfulness to your heart?

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