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thrum, thrumming heart

IMG_0404The steady thrum of my heart has suddenly gained greater importance. It does more than just keeping my toes warm and my brain humming. It’s a reminder that my spiritual heart (the core of my soul) is vitally important in my ability to connect to God, live out my calling, and show others the way to great freedom and the Freedom Giver.

Understand, I am not defining ‘heart’ as the emotional roller coaster that culture portrays it to be. I’m using the word heart to define the core of who I am. “My heart is me. The real me. Your heart is you. The deepest, truest you. That is why the heart is central, for what shall we do if we dismiss our self?” John Eldridge, Waking the Dead.

I’ve noticed the more in touch I am with my core, the more I come to know God for who He truly is, and the emotions that used to rule me, are now more like indicators of where I need God to come in and shed light.

I’ve been fighting to get back in touch with my heart. It’s there where God and I do the most work, where I feel most alive, and paradoxically most safe. But it’s also where I hold the deepest hurts and where I am fighting the darkest lies.

“It is simply diabolical, despicable, downright evil that the heart should be so misunderstood, maligned, feared, and dismissed. But there is our clue again. The war we are in would explain so great a loss. This is the last thing the Enemy wants you to know. His plan from the beginning was to assault the heart, just as the Wicked Witch did to the Tin Woodman. Make them so busy, they ignore the heart. Wound them so deeply, they don’t want a heart. Twist their theology, so they despise the heart. Take away their courage. Destroy their creativity. Make intimacy with God impossible for them.”

“Of course your heart would be the object of a great and fierce battle. It is your most precious possession. Without your heart you cannot have God. Without your heart you cannot have love. Without your heart you cannot have faith. Without your heart you cannot find the work that you were meant to do. In other words, without your heart you cannot have life.” John Eldridge, Waking the Dead.

Do you shy away from the word heart? Does it sound hokey, simple, silly, too intimate, weak, scary? I’ve felt that way for a long time. Still do more times than not.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… do you try to silence your heart, why? Are you trying to get in touch with your heart, why?

My challenge to you and myself—investigate the role God designed the heart to play in  life. I may reread Waking the Dead again. But I also believe, the simple pursuit of God, however He decides to take us (through books, counseling, friends, ect), will inevitably lead to an awakening of the heart.


What Snow White Said

I have a thing for fairy tales. It started young, and I’m guessing it’s here to stay. So, naturally, I watched Snow White and the Huntsman last night–which was dark. Super dark. The kind of interpretation that leaned more to the Brothers Grimm end of the spectrum. (Spoiler Alert: I’m about to discuss the end-of-movie stuff. Avert eyes if needed!)

At the end of the tale, Snow White and the Queen have their inevitable showdown.  “You cannot have my heart,” Snow says, speaking to the Queens quite literal desire to take that heart. And this simple declaration of Snow’s has lingered in my mind all day.

It’s so easy to surrender our hearts. I have given mine to people, to dreams, to tasks, to sorrows… the list stretches long. And many times this giving away happened subtly, slowly, unconsciously, but surely. I have since learned how much it matters where we place our hearts. Our thoughts, our energies, our focus, our actions, these are all affected by where are heart dwells.

Our creations are affected too.

As artists (and that’s all of us) we must be able to echo the words of Snow. When the opposition comes–in all its many forms–we must be bold enough to speak out. To choose whether we will surrender our hearts or not. This decision must be intentional and daily (sometimes minutely!) if we are to claim the triumph that Snow does at the end of her epic.

Of course, I don’t succeed at this all the time. But I know how it feels to live in victory. And that is only because of His hands and their unique ability to hold my heart with perfect care.

What do you think about all this heart talk? How do you think a creation reveals a heart’s allegiance?

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